Finally, Cloack & Dagger are here (well, shown)

After an eternity announced, we get to see Marvel’s new series “Clack and Dagger” with namesake heroes.

They aren’t very popular, but maybe you can recall them from Civil War (the comic), where Cloak performed the legendary teleportation of the rebels that allowed one of the greatest and more important fights on the media.

This series will be the third original series after Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD, and although the second is getting better, my only hope is for this to raise the bar a bit, and not commit the same mistakes, both in special effects and in the script.

Only time will tell, as this series won’t see the light until 2018, where we will see how this duo of light and darkness make out.


Adventure Time “Elements” mini-series review – impressions/ whatever just my thoughts

Oh boy, internet leaks!. Just a few days before it’s TV emission we got a present in form of a freshly baked plate of episodes that make a delicious saga of what seems right now the most important plot point of this series (Although, please, support the series on TV or domestic release if you can, this needs views, think on the creators!)

After Islands ended we had to confront two things, as spectators, a higher quality bar than ever, as the previous miniseries had a lot more “plot” content than almost all of the rest of the series. Without trying to disgrace the series, I would say we encountered a lot that filled us with answers and Finn with growth.

And now, is elementals as good as the previous? Is it good? What can we get from this?

(Spoilers, duh!)

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Nintendo discontinuing mini NES and videogame industry buissness

The mini NES, a nostalgia punch on every 80s kid and any retro games nerd, that orgasmic new digital version of what used to be a box of analog beauty, that goddamn HDMI port to play Zelda, Metroid, Mario… DISCONTINUED

But why?

While the internet is still raging about how Nintendo could stop such a successful product, some have possible answers.

First of all, we have the Switch. Let’s remember a couple of things here, with the switch, we have a Nintendo console to maintain at long term (UNLIKE the NES mini, which is just a short term special edition product, that only received more units because of its popularity); we have a portable device, wich is more attractive to old games wich were more simple, more replayable, and probably less battery consuming (something important until a hardware revision).

And more important, we have a virtual console that will be the incentive to the freaking online, where Nintendo promised us a monthly game just like it’s competitors, but, a retro one. Which is my bet on this topic to be the crucial reason.

The other possible outcome: BUSINESS. But I’m not talking about benefits, but about legal practices. As the great askagamedev pointed, Castlevania, Final fantasy, mega man… there are a lot of games on the NES mini that aren’t from Nintendo, any license problem may end up blowing up in the company’s face, so, maybe they were facing a possible legal catastrophe, and decided to take the safe path while they still could.

Even if Nintendo it’s so good at creating games, they still have gaps in their commercial strategies, the only thing we can do for now is wait and pray for a good solution to all of this that keeps happy both the consumers and the company.

The last Jedi trailer and Disney playing Loki

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen that “The last Jedi” first trailer has been released.

These last days we’ve been receiving a lot of trailers of important franchises, just this Monday we had a Thor: Ragnarök trailer that I keep watching on loop, and no so long ago a Spider-man homecoming one gave us a brief summary of the movie in a hated teaser.

While Spider-man keeps me grinding my teeth in what I hope is a Marvel deceiving strategy, Thor Ragnarok was a perfect synopsis, settling the characters and expectations with just the necessary amount of content. And then comes Star Wars.

The other trailers keep its easter eggs more or less hidden and showed us some details, with the intention of setting what is coming, but Star Wars is playing another game. Because it doesn’t tell us anything.

And I love that.

This saga has a big extended fanbase that is prepared to gut any piece of media you throw them like a pack of hyenas, so, what do you do? A cryptic trailer, enough to run speculation, enough to provide feedback, and enough for the hungry fans to extract any bit of information they can correlate to something they know.

And yet, we will talk a lot, and very smart people like the links in the past paragraph will write great things, but we still don’t know shit about the movie.

Very smart Loki, I mean, Disney.


Late japanese games, nostalgia and ARMS on last nintendo direct

I’m sure a lot of webs have already talk deeply of each item of the direct, so I’m just gonna write a couple of thinks that personally interested me from the direct.

Keep you waiting huh

Back when I was an elementary school brat I was already interested in the process of making games, so, the day I found game maker was like a sugar rush of rainbows for me. I would expend lots of hours working to make my shitty games. I Even got to make a shitty game for a school project (A++ bitches).

Since I spent a lot of hours working on that, and I had glorious teenager internet, I even found a Nintendo DS version of RPG maker, and that was even better, because, it was RPGmaker but on a DS!

So when last night Nintendo announced 3DS RPG maker I only could think “Uh, well… nice”.  Nostalgia is cool, but ten years later I’m more interested in using a real Game engine. But al least some other kids will taste what I only could interpreting Japanese menus on an unstable DS emulator.

To your arms reach

The other thing that caught my attention was the co.protagonist of the direct ARMS, the new Nintendo IP is hitting strong (get it?), but I think that the new addition is key to its presence: Minmin, or better said, a new character.

Since ARMS was announced, I’ve seen lots of people thinking it was an evolution of Wii Sports Boxing, but that’s too narrow. As other people have pointed, it’s more inspired on punch out, a full developed game centered on the mechanic of punching, but what we saw recently just says: NO. ARMS is a full-fledged FIGHTING game, it has a roster of distinct character because they are a different fighter, not avatars; they have their unique characteristics.

The fact that Nintendo presented a character individually remarks this, as this is something only fighting games tend to do, as characters are the pillars of their content.

I’d like to add, that recently was lucky enough to try ARMS on a CON, and boy, it was fun. Marketing a part, when you play it you can appreciate really its value as a complex fighting game; also, one interesting thing that picked my attention was how deep the backgrounds interact as part of the gameplay, changing its strategies and adding a lot. The fact that we were shown more and more filled up with things, is promising.