Why Re: Creators Fails

Re: creators is a nice series that has a lot of interesting things to say about creative fields, a lot of great moments, a good premise and a lot of bad ass action scenes. The series has the elements for success, being composed of ingredients that could make it meaningful, original and entertaining.

But. It fails.

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not a purely bad show, it’s not something unwatchable, but with all the good items I just mentioned, it could have been a lot more.

So, why not?

If you bear with me for a little, I think I caught the principal elements that have devaluated what could have been a far better show.


If you have ever seen any criticism of an anime by a critic from another medium, like film, the most notorious problem they have with it is the excessive exposure.

In film you are told over and over the rule “show, don’t tell”, but since anime takes a lot from manga, the extensive and detailed explanations in the middle of the action are something quite common. And we’ve seen the whole spectrum of the different degrees in which this takes form, from series with every punch and blow explained, to some other that we wish had told us anything about what the hell was happening.

But Re: Creators goes beyond. This isn’t just exposure. This isn’t an explanation anymore. This is blatantly conversational filler. The series just stop constantly the flow of events to make a boring business meeting where any interesting thing to say is reducent to sleep-inducing garbage.

Series like “Bakemonogatari” has proven that pure dialogue and exposure can be done in an interesting way, but in “Re: Creators” it feels like something plain and without substance that chews more than necessary on what could have been explained in a few concise seconds.


The show itself refers to this on a couple occasions, but being self-aware of it doesn’t make it less obnoxious if you don’t do anything to correct the mistake.

The characters are based on stereotypes, and instead of giving us something to relate to them, the series just refers to their descriptions and doesn’t present us with a proper development to their involvement in the story.

“Oh cool, he is a kid with a robot that is tired of fighting, it’s like Evangelion”, “Oh cool, a tortured knight from a violent world, it’s like berserk”, “Oh cool, a magical girl”…

The list goes on. If this was a crossover story, it would have kicked ass, but doing this with a copycat only makes it feel more shallow, like a superficial work or a commercial product for the average otaku consumer.

I want a character that I can care about, not a walking cliché. Making a character that I can recognize doesn’t make me relate to him, and even less care about him. The fact that the villain that we barely see interact with the rest of the cast over the series is the most popular character tell us everything, as she is the one that shows more originality.

And the clichés problems aren’t just the characters.

The plot is all about saving the world from destruction from an overpowered villain.


I don’t think there are a lot more stereotypes as big as this one, and I don’t think I need to explain too much in deep why this poorly executed motivation only makes the show less and less interesting, as it’s something we’ve seen dozens of times in all the mediums that can hold storytelling.

And to put a cherry on top, the series doesn’t have any shame to put unnecessary “onsen” scenes and similar fanservice excuses, bringing out of nowhere typical anime tropes that only cut the dynamic of the show.


Just look at the composition of this scene, look at the design of that mecha… Everything is made to show you that butt!



Re: Creators is a show with a lot of potentials that goes wasted on its development, it has some good ideas and present us with cool and interesting moments, but it’s all ruined thanks to anime stereotypes going over the top, to the point of becoming obnoxious and devaluating what could have been a better anime about the craft of world creations and the feelings that comes with it.



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