Girls Last Tour doesn’t want a purpose in life

My first video analysis! Hope you like it!

Text version below!

We live in a modern world where God is dead. Our modern society has god as a construction of the past, and religion stands aside now more than ever. Without a god that gives us an easy answer to the meaning of life, we need to find one ourselves.

And Girls Last Tour is about this.

It may be a post-apocalyptic world, but under this premise it mirrors reality.

God and religion is a shadow of the past. Something our main characters don’t really know anything about, and that only stands as something left by the people who came before.

In the same way, the series presents us with the question of why living? And how?

Through the journey of the story, we will meet a bunch of characters that will give us the answers they came up with for this.

Kanazawa has a purpose. He wants to make maps. He isn’t concerned with leaving a legacy in cartography, but by the short-term purpose of creating them.

Ishii also finds meaning in a purpose, but contrary to Kanazawa, what she cares about it’s that legacy. That’s what she is striving for. She wants to be history.

But the point the series makes, is when we compare them to our main duo. Who have similar ideas, but don’t take them as objectives to accomplish, but as little parts of life.

Yuuri collects food as Kanazawa makes maps, but she does not find purpose in it. The same goes for Chito, who makes her diaries for historic value, like Ishii, but it isn’t a life objective for her.

So, what is the story trying to tells? 

The theme her e is. Live for people, not for a purpose.

The maps of Kanazawa had a meaning to him, because, they were the memento of a partner. He was sad at the end of his episode because he loses the last thing he had of her. Making maps wasn’t what mattered to him.

Ishii’s objective was e mpty when she was alone, and in the end, she makes history but ends up falling to a lower place, and now she has to live in a sector with barely anything left. Life continues, even if you are history, and in the end, it doesn’t matter, because the world is gonna end.

These ideas are also reinforced on the robots, who even with company, of each other, were so individually focused on their tasks that it let to their destruction.

Also, in the last episode, the theme reaches its climax, when Chito loses Yuuri for a moment and gets to see the real value of the relationship they have.

So in the end. The only ones who were able to attain some kind of happiness were Chito and Yuuri. Living together and enjoying the little moments of life.





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