I’m dead and that’s why I didn’t make any content (April Fool’s (kinda))

Remember when I said I wanted to do more usual content and I made a youtube channel and said I intended to do more content? Well, I died, and that’s why I haven’t done anything.

Days after that, before finishing a batch of content that would eclipse the internet itself, a meteor fall from the sky, it didn’t hit me, but it hit the mailman and produced him a concussion, then, as I was trying t bring him to the hospital, a serial killer who was waiting for a judicial order thought I was helping the mailman to deliver it, so he pursued me with the desperate idea that killing me would stop the justice system.

He didn’t kill me, but as I was escaping, I needed to hide for a while, so, without anything to do I started to this season “Darling in the FranXX” on my phone. The series is fantastic, and I fell in love with best girl and superior waifu “Zero Two”.

That’s when I caught DinoAIDS with one of her doujins and died.

Right now I’m with a medium and I can only communicate by writing here in my blog, so if you want to catch some of my money by telling my family I was a disgusting weeb and that here are my final words, in a pitiful anime/geek blog, keep reading for more data.

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