Girls Last Tour doesn’t want a purpose in life

My first video analysis! Hope you like it!

Text version below!

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I started a youtube channel!

Edit: Okay, maybe I sounded a bit harsh, let me elucidate a little. Blogs aren’t popular anymore. It’s a great medium with a lot of talented people, and a lot of pages are doing great both in quality and attention (I myself read quite a few blogs, and there is a lot to take), but it doesn’t have the public it used to. Tha’t why I decided to try a medium with more potential public. Hope you enjoy my experiment.

Original text:

People don’t like to read. Blogs are dying.

I love everyone that has taken the time to read what I posted here, but that’s a fact. That’s why I decided to start a youtube channel.

I always had a lack of confidence and skills, to do it, but seeing that people like what I have to say, and after some “practice” videos, I made something semi-decent, so, I hope you enjoy it!

The blog will still be here, as a central connection between the things I do, so if you like this format, I’m gonna keep updating here (although I update very little, so I hope this changes this year).

Thanks for your support!

Why Re: Creators Fails

Re: creators is a nice series that has a lot of interesting things to say about creative fields, a lot of great moments, a good premise and a lot of bad ass action scenes. The series has the elements for success, being composed of ingredients that could make it meaningful, original and entertaining.

But. It fails.

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not a purely bad show, it’s not something unwatchable, but with all the good items I just mentioned, it could have been a lot more.

So, why not?

If you bear with me for a little, I think I caught the principal elements that have devaluated what could have been a far better show.

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Shinazu no Ryouken – Dino recommends manga

Have you ever dreamed of a world without accidents? Without sickness? A world where no one is hurt and you can’t die, no matter how many times you die?

If you die and resurrect in perfect shape.

That’s the premise of the world presented in this manga. You can only die by age. A shot in the brain? Just a second of pain, don’t worry. Hit by a truck? No problemo, die and your shattered bones will be as good as new.

Then, what could possibly trouble a world like this, where disease and injuries are non-existent? Well, of course, death. Death appears as the worst sickness imaginable, and the mission of this world’s inhabitants is to cure it.

A plague of people know as vectors have appeared, and these mortals bring with themselves an infection that could bring death to the world, as this disease is transmissible.

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Dr. Stone – Dino recommends manga

In a world where shonen protagonists usually resolve everything with their (possibly magical) fists, Dr. Stone uses science and thinking as his main weapons, always in a constant psychological battle to advance the story and change the world.

Reminding of works like Breaking Bad, the series uses Science in the most creative way, and in an original setting, presenting something different to what we’re accustomed seeing in the genre.

If you are craving for a freeze of fresh air, this fun and delightful manga will present something different to any of its Jump’s colleagues.

Still undecided? Then hear me out, I’ll be brief!

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The problem with New Game!

New Game is a decently enjoyable anime series about a topic that we need to explore more (video game creation), and it is often criticized because it doesn’t stand to the level of other “creative job” animes like Shirobako or Bakuman.

And yes, the series could go deeper on the subject, but even if we focus on this work as just a comedy with a nice setting, we can still see it suffers from something that already stains the good things that the show already accomplishes, another great problem that it’s “slyly” put on screen: a lot of content that doesn’t serve any purpose.

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Monster girls, disabilities and inclusion in “Demi-chan wa Kataritai”

Every once in a while, the world of anime and manga receive new twists that thanks to some popular work, became viral and explode in a myriad of new series that often seem of a clonical nature.

Monster Girls is one of this cases, apparently trying to satisfy a fetish spot on the market, many authors have tried recently this new “genre”.

But the interesting thing about this is not just how some try to make fresh harem material by adding characters with distinct physicalities that give them personality and originality in a cliché crowded world. Even if I have to praise that (originality not clichés or commercial works), the thing I want to talk about is how they create a great opportunity to talk about minority groups discriminated, especially disabilities.

This shows presents us with characters that, for fictional reasons, have different physiologies, which makes their lives more difficult on a human society constructed for other kinds of bodies. This concept is something relatable to people with disabilities and makes an excellent excuse to attend to this topic.

In this post, I want to talk about a certain series, “Demi-chan wa kataritai, and how it accomplishes to present some ideas about this in a great way.

(No spoilers, more or less, since it’s comedy I don’t think I ruin anything here)

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