In this corner of the world: A heartbreaking loss story

Media usually portrays war as just the battlefield where the action takes place. War movies are usually about the “good soldiers” who kill all the “bad ones”. Be it Nazis or terrorists, the stories usually take a plain stand on its message and just wants to show us an action scene of “good vs evil”. And not only in the mainstream ones, even in anime,  where we usually don’t see real historical conflicts, we are more accustomed to magical wars where the hero wins with the power of friendship…

But sometimes some works take a stand and show us more sides of this, and one very important that doesn’t have much representation as it should, are civilians lives.

“This war of mine”, “Grave of the Fireflies” or “Barefoot Gen” presents us with different visions of this, where we see what people need to suffer through this conflicts, and this time we have another production of the same kind, but with different style and elements that needed its representation.

“In this corner of the world” shows us a unique way of storytelling that is both heartbreaking and exceptionally realistic, it will transports us to 1940’s Hiroshima, and pierces deeply in your heart and skull, to make you think, and feel.

Note: Mild spoilers towards the end of the article (3rd part), I highly recommend you to watch the movie (now in theaters) and come again to read this 🙂

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I went to b’Ars VFX 2017 and it was awesome

If you are working in the animation or game industry (or studying to become one), you may have experienced (or will) events where highly skilled professionals assistants go to explain their work. Or maybe you just like to know about this fascinating work and the people who make it.

This June, a week ago, in Barcelona (Spain) was celebrated the b’Ars VFX 2017, an event with many distinguished professionals that talk of a lot of interesting stuff. I’m an animation student, and I love these events, so I went (sadly, I could make it only for one day, Friday 9), and now I’ll tell you what I saw.

Photos and video recording were prohibited, so I’m sorry but I can’t give you more than what the event officially posts online.

So let’s go in chronological order through all the conferences:

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The last Jedi trailer and Disney playing Loki

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably seen that “The last Jedi” first trailer has been released.

These last days we’ve been receiving a lot of trailers of important franchises, just this Monday we had a Thor: Ragnarök trailer that I keep watching on loop, and no so long ago a Spider-man homecoming one gave us a brief summary of the movie in a hated teaser.

While Spider-man keeps me grinding my teeth in what I hope is a Marvel deceiving strategy, Thor Ragnarok was a perfect synopsis, settling the characters and expectations with just the necessary amount of content. And then comes Star Wars.

The other trailers keep its easter eggs more or less hidden and showed us some details, with the intention of setting what is coming, but Star Wars is playing another game. Because it doesn’t tell us anything.

And I love that.

This saga has a big extended fanbase that is prepared to gut any piece of media you throw them like a pack of hyenas, so, what do you do? A cryptic trailer, enough to run speculation, enough to provide feedback, and enough for the hungry fans to extract any bit of information they can correlate to something they know.

And yet, we will talk a lot, and very smart people like the links in the past paragraph will write great things, but we still don’t know shit about the movie.

Very smart Loki, I mean, Disney.