New Nintendo 2DS and successor time

A few days ago, against all expectations, Nintendo released a new version of the 3DS family, the  New Nintendo 2DS XL.


It’s true that we all knew that 3DS has some life left, new Pikmin, Kirby and fire emblem among others will give us some new experiences to experience on the console, but the system itself is something that gives the feeling of having arrived at its peak of units sold, where almost all its public already have gotten one or another model.

So why this? Why taking all the words left on the bucket to make another 3DS? (Ironically, without 3D). Well, a couple of things come to my mind.

First, for the “late bloomers” or however you wanna name them. There is always people who didn’t buy the system in its time, and want to enjoy it with the full catalog of games already completed to pick. We’ve seen the Wii mini and the game boy micro, why not this?

Second, a possible elderly life. Nintendo was talking not so along about having a 3ds successor. They want something to introduce kids and reluctant people to their games, thus, with a cheaper option, this can be accomplished. But Switch has just hit the market, and launching another big product when its main event is doing so well is a bit dangerous. So maybe giving 3ds more life is a better option, for now, after all, it’s still doing great in selling software and its enormous library has no rival in handheld consoles.

Maybe this two things, maybe neither. The only thing I know is that this console looks great, and is probably the final version of 3ds, minus the lack of 3ds, it has all the things that make good the machine in a pretty shape. And if you don’t have already a 3ds, I would highly recommend it.


Late japanese games, nostalgia and ARMS on last nintendo direct

I’m sure a lot of webs have already talk deeply of each item of the direct, so I’m just gonna write a couple of thinks that personally interested me from the direct.

Keep you waiting huh

Back when I was an elementary school brat I was already interested in the process of making games, so, the day I found game maker was like a sugar rush of rainbows for me. I would expend lots of hours working to make my shitty games. I Even got to make a shitty game for a school project (A++ bitches).

Since I spent a lot of hours working on that, and I had glorious teenager internet, I even found a Nintendo DS version of RPG maker, and that was even better, because, it was RPGmaker but on a DS!

So when last night Nintendo announced 3DS RPG maker I only could think “Uh, well… nice”.  Nostalgia is cool, but ten years later I’m more interested in using a real Game engine. But al least some other kids will taste what I only could interpreting Japanese menus on an unstable DS emulator.

To your arms reach

The other thing that caught my attention was the co.protagonist of the direct ARMS, the new Nintendo IP is hitting strong (get it?), but I think that the new addition is key to its presence: Minmin, or better said, a new character.

Since ARMS was announced, I’ve seen lots of people thinking it was an evolution of Wii Sports Boxing, but that’s too narrow. As other people have pointed, it’s more inspired on punch out, a full developed game centered on the mechanic of punching, but what we saw recently just says: NO. ARMS is a full-fledged FIGHTING game, it has a roster of distinct character because they are a different fighter, not avatars; they have their unique characteristics.

The fact that Nintendo presented a character individually remarks this, as this is something only fighting games tend to do, as characters are the pillars of their content.

I’d like to add, that recently was lucky enough to try ARMS on a CON, and boy, it was fun. Marketing a part, when you play it you can appreciate really its value as a complex fighting game; also, one interesting thing that picked my attention was how deep the backgrounds interact as part of the gameplay, changing its strategies and adding a lot. The fact that we were shown more and more filled up with things, is promising.