Shinazu no Ryouken – Dino recommends manga

Have you ever dreamed of a world without accidents? Without sickness? A world where no one is hurt and you can’t die, no matter how many times you die?

If you die and resurrect in perfect shape.

That’s the premise of the world presented in this manga. You can only die by age. A shot in the brain? Just a second of pain, don’t worry. Hit by a truck? No problemo, die and your shattered bones will be as good as new.

Then, what could possibly trouble a world like this, where disease and injuries are non-existent? Well, of course, death. Death appears as the worst sickness imaginable, and the mission of this world’s inhabitants is to cure it.

A plague of people know as vectors have appeared, and these mortals bring with themselves an infection that could bring death to the world, as this disease is transmissible.

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Monster girls, disabilities and inclusion in “Demi-chan wa Kataritai”

Every once in a while, the world of anime and manga receive new twists that thanks to some popular work, became viral and explode in a myriad of new series that often seem of a clonical nature.

Monster Girls is one of this cases, apparently trying to satisfy a fetish spot on the market, many authors have tried recently this new “genre”.

But the interesting thing about this is not just how some try to make fresh harem material by adding characters with distinct physicalities that give them personality and originality in a cliché crowded world. Even if I have to praise that (originality not clichés or commercial works), the thing I want to talk about is how they create a great opportunity to talk about minority groups discriminated, especially disabilities.

This shows presents us with characters that, for fictional reasons, have different physiologies, which makes their lives more difficult on a human society constructed for other kinds of bodies. This concept is something relatable to people with disabilities and makes an excellent excuse to attend to this topic.

In this post, I want to talk about a certain series, “Demi-chan wa kataritai, and how it accomplishes to present some ideas about this in a great way.

(No spoilers, more or less, since it’s comedy I don’t think I ruin anything here)

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In this corner of the world: A heartbreaking loss story

Media usually portrays war as just the battlefield where the action takes place. War movies are usually about the “good soldiers” who kill all the “bad ones”. Be it Nazis or terrorists, the stories usually take a plain stand on its message and just wants to show us an action scene of “good vs evil”. And not only in the mainstream ones, even in anime,  where we usually don’t see real historical conflicts, we are more accustomed to magical wars where the hero wins with the power of friendship…

But sometimes some works take a stand and show us more sides of this, and one very important that doesn’t have much representation as it should, are civilians lives.

“This war of mine”, “Grave of the Fireflies” or “Barefoot Gen” presents us with different visions of this, where we see what people need to suffer through this conflicts, and this time we have another production of the same kind, but with different style and elements that needed its representation.

“In this corner of the world” shows us a unique way of storytelling that is both heartbreaking and exceptionally realistic, it will transports us to 1940’s Hiroshima, and pierces deeply in your heart and skull, to make you think, and feel.

Note: Mild spoilers towards the end of the article (3rd part), I highly recommend you to watch the movie (now in theaters) and come again to read this 🙂

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New Nintendo 2DS and successor time

A few days ago, against all expectations, Nintendo released a new version of the 3DS family, the  New Nintendo 2DS XL.


It’s true that we all knew that 3DS has some life left, new Pikmin, Kirby and fire emblem among others will give us some new experiences to experience on the console, but the system itself is something that gives the feeling of having arrived at its peak of units sold, where almost all its public already have gotten one or another model.

So why this? Why taking all the words left on the bucket to make another 3DS? (Ironically, without 3D). Well, a couple of things come to my mind.

First, for the “late bloomers” or however you wanna name them. There is always people who didn’t buy the system in its time, and want to enjoy it with the full catalog of games already completed to pick. We’ve seen the Wii mini and the game boy micro, why not this?

Second, a possible elderly life. Nintendo was talking not so along about having a 3ds successor. They want something to introduce kids and reluctant people to their games, thus, with a cheaper option, this can be accomplished. But Switch has just hit the market, and launching another big product when its main event is doing so well is a bit dangerous. So maybe giving 3ds more life is a better option, for now, after all, it’s still doing great in selling software and its enormous library has no rival in handheld consoles.

Maybe this two things, maybe neither. The only thing I know is that this console looks great, and is probably the final version of 3ds, minus the lack of 3ds, it has all the things that make good the machine in a pretty shape. And if you don’t have already a 3ds, I would highly recommend it.

Finally, Cloack & Dagger are here (well, shown)

After an eternity announced, we get to see Marvel’s new series “Clack and Dagger” with namesake heroes.

They aren’t very popular, but maybe you can recall them from Civil War (the comic), where Cloak performed the legendary teleportation of the rebels that allowed one of the greatest and more important fights on the media.

This series will be the third original series after Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD, and although the second is getting better, my only hope is for this to raise the bar a bit, and not commit the same mistakes, both in special effects and in the script.

Only time will tell, as this series won’t see the light until 2018, where we will see how this duo of light and darkness make out.

Adventure Time “Elements” mini-series review – impressions/ whatever just my thoughts

Oh boy, internet leaks!. Just a few days before it’s TV emission we got a present in form of a freshly baked plate of episodes that make a delicious saga of what seems right now the most important plot point of this series (Although, please, support the series on TV or domestic release if you can, this needs views, think on the creators!)

After Islands ended we had to confront two things, as spectators, a higher quality bar than ever, as the previous miniseries had a lot more “plot” content than almost all of the rest of the series. Without trying to disgrace the series, I would say we encountered a lot that filled us with answers and Finn with growth.

And now, is elementals as good as the previous? Is it good? What can we get from this?

(Spoilers, duh!)

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Nintendo discontinuing mini NES and videogame industry buissness

The mini NES, a nostalgia punch on every 80s kid and any retro games nerd, that orgasmic new digital version of what used to be a box of analog beauty, that goddamn HDMI port to play Zelda, Metroid, Mario… DISCONTINUED

But why?

While the internet is still raging about how Nintendo could stop such a successful product, some have possible answers.

First of all, we have the Switch. Let’s remember a couple of things here, with the switch, we have a Nintendo console to maintain at long term (UNLIKE the NES mini, which is just a short term special edition product, that only received more units because of its popularity); we have a portable device, wich is more attractive to old games wich were more simple, more replayable, and probably less battery consuming (something important until a hardware revision).

And more important, we have a virtual console that will be the incentive to the freaking online, where Nintendo promised us a monthly game just like it’s competitors, but, a retro one. Which is my bet on this topic to be the crucial reason.

The other possible outcome: BUSINESS. But I’m not talking about benefits, but about legal practices. As the great askagamedev pointed, Castlevania, Final fantasy, mega man… there are a lot of games on the NES mini that aren’t from Nintendo, any license problem may end up blowing up in the company’s face, so, maybe they were facing a possible legal catastrophe, and decided to take the safe path while they still could.

Even if Nintendo it’s so good at creating games, they still have gaps in their commercial strategies, the only thing we can do for now is wait and pray for a good solution to all of this that keeps happy both the consumers and the company.