I started a youtube channel!

Edit: Okay, maybe I sounded a bit harsh, let me elucidate a little. Blogs aren’t popular anymore. It’s a great medium with a lot of talented people, and a lot of pages are doing great both in quality and attention (I myself read quite a few blogs, and there is a lot to take), but it doesn’t have the public it used to. Tha’t why I decided to try a medium with more potential public. Hope you enjoy my experiment.

Original text:

People don’t like to read. Blogs are dying.

I love everyone that has taken the time to read what I posted here, but that’s a fact. That’s why I decided to start a youtube channel.

I always had a lack of confidence and skills, to do it, but seeing that people like what I have to say, and after some “practice” videos, I made something semi-decent, so, I hope you enjoy it!

The blog will still be here, as a central connection between the things I do, so if you like this format, I’m gonna keep updating here (although I update very little, so I hope this changes this year).

Thanks for your support!